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    Servicing Broward and Palm Beach Counties.

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    We have seen it time and time again; a customer spends thousands of dollars on installing beautiful and decorative pavers and does not have it sealed properly. The job may look amazing after it is sealed, but if not done correct, the pavers will start to appear white and cloudy in a short amount of time.

    The fact is that Xylene or Oil Based Sealers are the proven, most reliable product used for sealing pavers for over thirty years. The fiction lies in the proper and most effective way to apply a sealer.



    Our team is standing by to arrange for your service call. We can come and assess the damages and give you a no cost, no obligation estimate on how we can repair or even replace damaged pavers. Do not leave it to the novice, call the experts at All About Pressure Clean and Seal for all your paver repairs.

    Our Company Mission

    When we take you on as a customer we also take the responsibility of cleaning your desired area to the best of our ability. We are not there for one job, we’re there to build a long-lasting client relationship through the quality of our work and customer service. We understand your property needs and will work hard to ensure you’re completely satisfied.

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    When the white cloudy marks start to appear, the sealer has most likely crystalized from the bottom up. A mere cleaning of the surface is not going to do the job. The experts at All About Pressure Clean and Seal will completely strip and even sand blast the old sealer from the paver. On the toughest jobs, we may even use a chemical stripper. Once the old sealer is removed, we will clean and re-seal the pavers properly with all of our experience and expertise to give you the peace of mind that this problem will not return. Call the expert today at All About Pressure Clean and Seal and your pavers will be looking beautiful again in no time.

    What you can rely on with
    All About Pressure Cleaning & Sealing

    All of our technicians use commercial grade pressure cleaning machines. All of the products we apply, whether it is a top-notch stain from Sherwin Williams or superior Sand by Tecniseal, are designed to be long lasting with the best customer satisfaction ratings.

    They say it is all in the name. For over ten years, here at All About Pressure Clean and Seal, we are really all about pressure cleaning and sealing. Based in Pompano, Florida we service all of Broward and Palm Beach Counties.

    Our Professional Grade Equipment cleans in hot and cold cycles. We combine this with the latest and effective cleaning products to bring restore the beauty of your surface and make that stain a thing of the past

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