February 02 2016

This week the World Health Organization/WHO officially declared a “public health emergency of international concern”.   With the virus rapidly spreading throughout Brazil, Latin American gateway States like Florida will be at risk.

Like other mosquito borne viruses like West Nile and Dengue there is no vaccine or treatments for this disease.  The most common symptoms can include Fever, Headache, Red Eye or even a rash.

One troubling statistic is that approximately 80% of men and women infected with the Zika Virus will even know that they have it.  Only 1 in 5 people will actually feel or experience symptoms of the virus.

The most frightening part of this virus that is causing the most concern throughout Brazil and Latin America is the Zika Virus being linked to birth defects in newborns.  The birth defect is a condition known as microcephaly where children are born with heads and brains that are not the normal size.

Brazilian authorities have taken the step to ask the female population to postpone getting pregnant until the virus is under control.  In addition, pregnant women in America have been warned of the danger and risk involved with travelling to the Caribbean, Mexico, Central and South America.

With the growth of mosquitoes prevalent in still water, homeowners should be aware of the puddles that are created due to inadequate drainage or sinking pavers.

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