Whitefly Stain Problems? We can help!

February 20 2015

Whiteflies typically feed on the undersides of plant leaves. These whiteflies are known for leaving a goo on cars, your home, deck and even that expensive landscape. This is harmful to any surface and causes disfiguring and discoloration. It has really gotten out of control in the South Florida community and homeowners and homeowners associations are not happy about these pests. As the eggs that were originally left in a spiraling white pattern hatch, the flies then drop a sticky goo on whatever is below. The rugose spiraling whitefly is the second of a trio of whiteflies to invade South Florida. It was first spotted on gumbo limbo in Miami-Dade in 2009.

The one question remains…what can we do to help resolve the issue of these whiteflies? All About Pressure Cleaning can help with our stain removal professional services. All of our cleaning salutation are biodegradable and environmentally sage. Additionally, our certified staff has over 10 years of experience in removing whitefly stains. With affordable price ranges depending on each individual case, All About Pressure Cleaning ensures the best and a timely job. After going through our stain removal process, your deck or surface will look as good new. Call us today , 754-205-0475 to get a free estimate!