What’s happening up there?

January 06 2016

Besides the foundation and walls of a home, I would have to say that the roof falls into the top three most integral parts of a home.  It is what protects us from the falling rain. It shades us from the hot sun and protects us from all the elements Mother Nature has planned sending our way.

Yet the roof is the last thing we think about when taking care or maintaining a home.  Even taking a look at what is going on up there can be a challenge.  Often times it involves climbing out a second story window.  However, most of the time, it takes getting up there by a very long ladder.

Once you are up on the roof, you need to be able to balance yourself properly and have good stability to just check things out.  Once your balance is secured, the idea of performing any repairs or maintenance can be a completely different challenge.  This challenge makes the roof the last place anyone wants to be resulting in a roof that is not properly maintained.

Here in South Florida, the tropical climate creates an environment where dirt, pollution, algae, and even fungus can accumulate creating permanent damage if not maintained properly.   This is why I think it is so important to make a regular maintenance schedule to have my roof cleaned by a professional.

When it comes to power washing a roof, the only professional I turn to is the team at All About Pressure Cleaning. They are not only equipped and trained on getting up on the roof and cleaning it, they are able to recognize what type of stain is what and use the right tools and chemicals to get the stains removed.

Most people think that if they see a stain, that a simple cleaning or pressure washing will remove it.   This is not always the case.  Each stain requires a specific method for removing it.  This is especially true with algae or fungus or mold.  Sometimes removing from the surface does not remove the actual stain.  Special chemicals are needed to get to the root or spore of the stain to stop it from returning.

Don’t leave it chance and wonder what is going on up there.  There is a team at All About Pressure Cleaning standing by to answer all of your questions about how stains can permanently damage your roof. They will set up a free estimate to have your roof properly cleaned by the South Florida experts in pressure cleaning.