Why what type of paver sealer you use is so important.

January 19 2015

All About Pressure Cleaning is one of South Florida’s most trusted companies for the last 13 years. We not only are 100% licensed and insured, but our staff and owners are educated on the latest and greatest products and techniques out there. One of the services that we offer is paver sealing. When we seal any pavers we offer premium quality sealers, long-lasting UV protection, various finishes and no sheen or slip sealers. There are many components that go into choosing the right sealer and here we discuss why these sealers are so important.

Maintaining pavers is essential to keep your pavers looking pristine and brand new. Your pavers will be exposed, so sealing them with the proper type of sealant is very important. Applying the dealer will intensify the color and patterns as well as adding a beautiful shine to the surface. Aside from the gorgeous appearance, the sealant will protect the surface making it easier to remove stains that can occur. Every type of paver requires a different type of paver sealer. This is why it is very important to consult with a professional or your local supplier. Some that you can find on the market are acrylic, stain prevention, glossy, general, color protection and high gloss. We cannot emphasis enough to consult with a professional to ensure that you are purchasing the rightpaver sealer!

It is not only about choosing the right sealant, but also about ensuring that a professional properly applies the sealer. When done properly, the paver sealer will definitely assist in keeping the appearance and prolonging the usable life of your outdoor living. If not done properly, air bubbles can form and other issues may arise.

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