Sparkle Like A 400 Carat Diamond

February 17 2016

It was announced on Monday that a mining partnership in Angola, a country in the Southern Region of Africa has mined one of the largest diamonds in history.  The diamond measures about 7cm wide, with a whopping 404 Carats.

Experts at New York’s famed Diamond Retailer, Yehuda, tested the 404-carat Diamond’s color and clarity.  Yehuda categorized the Diamond as an Ila Stone, which means that is virtually flawless.

Having been dubbed the “Angolan Star” this spectacular rock has a D-Color profile making it a very rare and valuable Diamond.   It has already been estimated at a worth of over Twenty Million Dollars.The worlds largest Diamond was mined in 1905 at an incredible 3106 carats.  This diamond can be seen on display in the Tower of London as it is adorned on the Royal Spector of Britain’s famed Crowned Jewels.

With our homes and properties considered to be our most valuable “find”, the Team at All About Pressure Cleaning has been keeping our investments shining like the best of Diamonds.  Whether it is power washing or seal coating All About Pressure Cleaning will have your home sparkling in no time.