Why Is Pressure Cleaning Important?

January 29 2015

Pressure washing your home or commercial areas are important for quite a few reasons. The main reason that we tend to pressure clean is to restore an area or surface. Some questions come to mind when contemplating whether pressure cleaning is the right move for you and here we discuss a few of them.

First, how often should you pressure clean? This depends on several factors such as the amount of shade that there is, how much rainfall you get, the level of humidity and most importantly what you personally prefer. What you may consider ‘dirty’ or discolored, another person may not. Always base this decision off your personal preference. Some people may do this every year or two. Next you may wonder if pressure washing will damage your house or surface? The answer should be no if you are doing the pressure washing properly. At All About Pressure Cleaning, we use the best quality equipment with highly trained individuals to ensure that the job is done properly. Our experience techs have a broad knowledge of the right chemicals and detergents to use in conjunction with pressure washing. Our free estimates and 100% satisfaction rate guaranteed speaks for itself! Additionally, the chemicals and detergents being used should not hard the grass or plants nearby as most washes as very mild. It may be hard to remove certain things such as rust stains, but pressure cleaning will definitely lighten them. It is important to note certain things like this prior to your pressure cleaning job taking place as certain chemicals may be needed.

Other services such as roof cleaning will use a different form of pressure cleaning and it a low pressure process that can help remove ugly dark spots and hep bring your roof back to its original color. These are all just a few examples as to why you should pressure clean. Overall, the process can help restore all surfaces and make your home or office look as good as new. Give us a call today, 754-205-0475 to get your free estimate.