The Polymeric Sands of Time

January 22 2016

After locating to South Florida from the Northeast, my one dream was to have a backyard with a big area for entertaining with a new built in swimming pool.  My vision of this area included the installation of beautiful new pavers throughout the patio and around the pool.

There was just one concern that I had when planning my dream backyard. How will I be able to make sure that my pavers are installed to last and look beautiful for years to come?

I remember as a kid opening our pool and patio for the summer each year. My father would worry every time about what damage we would encounter with the pavers.   We wondered if the pavers had sunk in areas. He worried if the insects like ants had not started building up their little hills.  We also had issues with weeds growing everywhere between the pavers.

So instead of opening up the backyard and enjoying, we were opening it up knowing there would be work ahead of us. My new Florida patio will be operational year round and the thought of chasing weeds and insects as well as building up sunken pavers was not going to be an option.

As with so many of our maintenance needs, I went right to the experts at All About Pressure Cleaning.   They told me about a high quality Polymeric HP2 Sand manufactured by Techniseal and how this Polymeric sand is the Gold standard in the paver industry.

The HP2 Polymer sand is manufactured with the latest technology.  The sand is a mixture of high quality graded C144 Sand with a special binder.  The secret is that the sand will allow the pavers to retain their original appearance and placement.

By using superior sand for the installation, I am making sure that the joints in between the pavers are filled and bound with the sand. This eliminates sinking. It will repel ants and other pesky insects and will prevent the growth of weeds everywhere.

I work hard for my money and want to do everything to protect any investment I make to my home.  I want it to last for years to come and to look as beautiful as it was the day it was installed.

For me, the clear choice is using an experienced company like All About Pressure Cleaning, an authorized installers of the Techniseal Polymeric HP2 Sand.   All About Pressure cleaning will be happy to set up a free estimate and let you know all of the advantages and benefits of this phenomenal product.