Is it Better Late than Never

March 03 2016

After Donald Trumps’ huge win on Super Tuesday the GOP is far from supporting the lead contender for the Republican.  Last Thursday was the first time after months of campaigning Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz blasted Mr. Trump over and over again. This left everyone asking the question, is it better late than never?

Super Tuesday yielded big wins for Trump in seven out of the 11 states voting.  The Trump campaign saw wins in delegate rich states like Georgia and Massachusetts. Cruz had victory in his home state of Texas, where he is currently a Senator.  Texas was the state with the most delegates up for grabs.  Marco Rubio won the ultra conservative state of Minnesota with a considerable margin over Cruz and Trump.

With Trumps recent stumble about the KKK, Rubio and Cruz have continued the attacks since Super Tuesday.   The next big date is March 15, 2016 when Florida and Ohio will vote in their primaries. These are winner takes all states where Trump is leading in the polls.  Either Rubio or Cruz would have to win both states to have enough delegates to challenge Trump there in an open convention in July.  Did Rubio and Cruz wait too long?  More importantly, if Trump wins the nomination, will a Trump nomination lead to further separation within the Republican party.

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