How to Choose a Professional Power Washing Company

October 31 2014

Choosing a good contractor can be quite difficult, but at All About Pressure Cleaning, we make it easy for you! There are a lot of different contractors and companies out there, some good and some bad. Here are a few steps to take when looking for the right company.


  1. Make sure that they are licensed, bonded and insured. Having the proper certifications are very important. Always take time to do your research and make sure the company has the proper documentation and is a liable company.
  2. Professionalism. Being a professional comes with many things. The company needs to be on time, prompt and courteous of you, your home and your family members.
  3. Pricing. Pricing is a key component to finding the right contractor. No one wants to feel that they are getting ripped off or that they are only ‘getting what they paid for’. All About Pressure Cleaning offers competitive pricing for the finest quality work.
  4. Check referrals. Nothing says that a contractor is worth working with more than their past work. Ask for referrals and take the short amount of time to actually check them. This will help you learn if this contractor is the right fit for you.
  5. Quality products. Ensure that all products are at the highest standard so that your project reflects the same. At All About Pressure Cleaning, we use the loges lasting premium quality sealers and stains.

These are only a few things to look out for when choosing your next professional power washing company. Call All About Pressure Cleaning today to learn more about why we are the right fit for you!