Carpeting Trends for the New Year

December 21 2015

While the durability of a new tile, wood or concrete floor is a main stay in a home decor; the feel of a new carpet combined with its warmth and style will ensure that carpeting will continue to be a necessity for years to come.

With a new era of technology and innovations, the choices in carpeting can fit the most neutral designs to the boldest of colors and patterns. The use of color and pattern can be functional and transform a room into a work of art.

Thanks to modern technology practically everything made today can be purchased in a wide variety of color and pattern.  One of the most popular trends is the ability to introduce a vivid pattern or bold color into the look of the room.   

High traffic areas like hallways and stairwells are perfect places to add a pop of color or a pattern.  Incorporate these colors and patterns to a strong and durable carpet like sisal or coir and you can create a space that meets the high usage demand while providing a beautiful aesthetic.

The comfort factor in the plans of a new or renovated space or home is the top on any decorators list.   Homeowners want to experience the comfort that only a spa or a luxury can provide. The carpet industry has paid attention to this trend and has manufactured hundreds of new textures and materials to meet this demand.

Deep Plush Velvet Piles, Shag Piles, and even new Twist Piles in Wool, Silk, Linen and Cotton are leading the way.  Luxury fibers can be blended to create textures and patterns in the carpeting. A bedroom which experiences a small amount of traffic can be the perfect place for the installation of this type of carpeting.

The newest and most exciting trend is bringing artwork from the wall to the floor. The mixing fibers, colors and patterns allow carpeting to be created with images and patterns that have never been available before.  Even man made fibers can produce a carpet with the most beautiful botanical, classical or contemporary images.

Whether it is color, comfort or texture, the design team at Elite Workroom can create a look that is perfect for any space.  We will work with you and your decorator to make sure that the carpeting being installed in your home, yacht or even private jet is customized to fit any style.