Brick Paver Repair for Cathy Gross

We were referred by George Steel, the contractor installing her new marble pool deck.

When Cathy bought the house in this exclusive area on the water, the pavers were over 20-year-old and not maintained.

They were filthy, stained and needed a lot of repairs. We thought they would have to be sandblasted to get them clean.

So first, we did a lot of repairs consisting of removing the pavers, leveling the areas, tightening up the ones that shifted, re-pouring concrete borders and re-installing the existing pavers. Once everything was back together, we pressure cleaned with hot water and treated the stains with many different solutions. Originally, Cathy wanted to stain the pavers. But after seeing how clean we had gotten them, she wanted to just clear seal them to protect them in the future. She was thrilled and happy to write this testimonial.

Cathy Gross

Dear Rick, When I first spoke with you about pressure cleaning and sealing my old paver repair driveway and courtyard, you said they would look like new. You were right. They came out fantastic. And the process of getting it done was easy and efficient. Gledston and Ed were here right on time every time and did the work themselves. They went out of their way to make sure I was happy. The repairs that they did made my pavers look like the day they were installed 20 years ago. I highly recommend All About Pressure Cleaning.