Earlier this month Hallandale Beach, here in South Florida was invaded by thousands of unwelcomed tourists.  The “tourists” in this case refers to a Purple, Glassy Jellyfish knows as the Valella-Velella.

With no way to predict that they were arriving, beachgoers were greeted with a shoreline filled with jellyfish. Under normal conditions, our slippery friends sail away from the shore eliminating the chance of being stranded on the beach.

On that fateful morning, a mixture of strong Florida winds and even stronger ocean current grabbed hold of the jellyfish’s fins and carried them directly to the shore.

Referred to as “purple sailors“, the Valella are pretty harmless as far as jellyfish go with small tentacles for grabbing food.  People should take caution not to come in contact as they can be filled with toxins from travelling besides man-of-war JellyFish.

The Hallandale Lifeguards sprung into action by warning beachgoers and flying a Purple Flag to warn of Dangerous Marine Life.  Luckily this only happens about every three years, however it is always good to be prepared for an invasion whenever it will happen.

With hundreds of homes along the waterways and beachfront in South Florida, the JellyFish did not limit their visit to the beach. The mess affected Docks, Piers, Walkways, and Patios after the invasion.

The team at All About Pressure Cleaning has been working with our waterfront neighbors for decades.  Our Industrial Equipment and Commercial Cleaning products are ready tackle any stain-leaving invasion, slimy or not.



In our February blog we had reported on the potential risks of the Zika Virus spreading into Florida.  Since then and in a White House briefing this week, Dr. Anne Schuchat of the Center for Disease Control (CDC) announced that the virus is “scarier” than first thought.


There were only a few reported cases of Zika in the United States in February.  Now, there are 346 Cases of Zika confirmed throughout the United States.

The CDC estimates that thirty states will get the type of Mosquito that carries the disease as early as this summer.

Many have asked: “Why is the Zika Virus more scarier now than just a few months ago?”

According to the CDC,  although the initial study showed that the virus would be spread to twelve states, it has since surpassed expectations and grown to thirty.

With the latest outbreak of 346 cases, the mosquito-transmitted 317 of them.  In addition to the Aegypti Mosquito spreading the virus, other mosquitos that bite an infected person may also transmit this disease.

Puerto Rico reports that cases of the Zika Virus are doubling each week.   Since South Florida has a similar tropical conditions as Puerto Rico and Brazil (where the outbreak started) we caution all to measure in extra protection from mosquitos where they can.


The most common place for a mosquito to reproduce is standing water.  When standing water accumulates in areas and compiles dirt and debris, it can prevent water from draining and becomes a magnet for mosquitos.

Water can also accumulate when pavers are sinking from faulty sand underneath.


Our Heavy Duty Commercial Power Washers can remove the most stubborn clogs and dirt enabling your drains to work properly.  As an added benefit, pavers can also easily be repaired during this process with the use of our premium Polymeric sand that prevents sinking and shifting.

As a homeowner, there are steps that should be taken to keep your family safe and reduce a mosquito infestation.   Call today and let All About Pressure Cleaning identify these problems and recommend a plan of action to correct.  

Remember: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Is it Better Late than Never

After Donald Trumps’ huge win on Super Tuesday the GOP is far from supporting the lead contender for the Republican.  Last Thursday was the first time after months of campaigning Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz blasted Mr. Trump over and over again. This left everyone asking the question, is it better late than never?

Super Tuesday yielded big wins for Trump in seven out of the 11 states voting.  The Trump campaign saw wins in delegate rich states like Georgia and Massachusetts. Cruz had victory in his home state of Texas, where he is currently a Senator.  Texas was the state with the most delegates up for grabs.  Marco Rubio won the ultra conservative state of Minnesota with a considerable margin over Cruz and Trump.

With Trumps recent stumble about the KKK, Rubio and Cruz have continued the attacks since Super Tuesday.   The next big date is March 15, 2016 when Florida and Ohio will vote in their primaries. These are winner takes all states where Trump is leading in the polls.  Either Rubio or Cruz would have to win both states to have enough delegates to challenge Trump there in an open convention in July.  Did Rubio and Cruz wait too long?  More importantly, if Trump wins the nomination, will a Trump nomination lead to further separation within the Republican party.

One thing that is always better late then never is having the folks at All About Pressure Cleaning make your home look like new again.  Call today for a free no-obligation estimate.

Sparkle Like A 400 Carat Diamond

It was announced on Monday that a mining partnership in Angola, a country in the Southern Region of Africa has mined one of the largest diamonds in history.  The diamond measures about 7cm wide, with a whopping 404 Carats.

Experts at New York’s famed Diamond Retailer, Yehuda, tested the 404-carat Diamond’s color and clarity.  Yehuda categorized the Diamond as an Ila Stone, which means that is virtually flawless.

Having been dubbed the “Angolan Star” this spectacular rock has a D-Color profile making it a very rare and valuable Diamond.   It has already been estimated at a worth of over Twenty Million Dollars.The worlds largest Diamond was mined in 1905 at an incredible 3106 carats.  This diamond can be seen on display in the Tower of London as it is adorned on the Royal Spector of Britain’s famed Crowned Jewels.

With our homes and properties considered to be our most valuable “find”, the Team at All About Pressure Cleaning has been keeping our investments shining like the best of Diamonds.  Whether it is power washing or seal coating All About Pressure Cleaning will have your home sparkling in no time.


This week the World Health Organization/WHO officially declared a “public health emergency of international concern”.   With the virus rapidly spreading throughout Brazil, Latin American gateway States like Florida will be at risk.

Like other mosquito borne viruses like West Nile and Dengue there is no vaccine or treatments for this disease.  The most common symptoms can include Fever, Headache, Red Eye or even a rash.

One troubling statistic is that approximately 80% of men and women infected with the Zika Virus will even know that they have it.  Only 1 in 5 people will actually feel or experience symptoms of the virus.

The most frightening part of this virus that is causing the most concern throughout Brazil and Latin America is the Zika Virus being linked to birth defects in newborns.  The birth defect is a condition known as microcephaly where children are born with heads and brains that are not the normal size.

Brazilian authorities have taken the step to ask the female population to postpone getting pregnant until the virus is under control.  In addition, pregnant women in America have been warned of the danger and risk involved with travelling to the Caribbean, Mexico, Central and South America.

With the growth of mosquitoes prevalent in still water, homeowners should be aware of the puddles that are created due to inadequate drainage or sinking pavers.

The team at All about Pressure Cleaning can remove stubborn clogs with their powerful pressure cleaning machines as well as repair to sinking pavers to eliminate the pooling of water and mosquito growth.


The Polymeric Sands of Time

After locating to South Florida from the Northeast, my one dream was to have a backyard with a big area for entertaining with a new built in swimming pool.  My vision of this area included the installation of beautiful new pavers throughout the patio and around the pool.

There was just one concern that I had when planning my dream backyard. How will I be able to make sure that my pavers are installed to last and look beautiful for years to come?

I remember as a kid opening our pool and patio for the summer each year. My father would worry every time about what damage we would encounter with the pavers.   We wondered if the pavers had sunk in areas. He worried if the insects like ants had not started building up their little hills.  We also had issues with weeds growing everywhere between the pavers.

So instead of opening up the backyard and enjoying, we were opening it up knowing there would be work ahead of us. My new Florida patio will be operational year round and the thought of chasing weeds and insects as well as building up sunken pavers was not going to be an option.

As with so many of our maintenance needs, I went right to the experts at All About Pressure Cleaning.   They told me about a high quality Polymeric HP2 Sand manufactured by Techniseal and how this Polymeric sand is the Gold standard in the paver industry.

The HP2 Polymer sand is manufactured with the latest technology.  The sand is a mixture of high quality graded C144 Sand with a special binder.  The secret is that the sand will allow the pavers to retain their original appearance and placement.

By using superior sand for the installation, I am making sure that the joints in between the pavers are filled and bound with the sand. This eliminates sinking. It will repel ants and other pesky insects and will prevent the growth of weeds everywhere.

I work hard for my money and want to do everything to protect any investment I make to my home.  I want it to last for years to come and to look as beautiful as it was the day it was installed.

For me, the clear choice is using an experienced company like All About Pressure Cleaning, an authorized installers of the Techniseal Polymeric HP2 Sand.   All About Pressure cleaning will be happy to set up a free estimate and let you know all of the advantages and benefits of this phenomenal product.

What’s happening up there?

Besides the foundation and walls of a home, I would have to say that the roof falls into the top three most integral parts of a home.  It is what protects us from the falling rain. It shades us from the hot sun and protects us from all the elements Mother Nature has planned sending our way.

Yet the roof is the last thing we think about when taking care or maintaining a home.  Even taking a look at what is going on up there can be a challenge.  Often times it involves climbing out a second story window.  However, most of the time, it takes getting up there by a very long ladder.

Once you are up on the roof, you need to be able to balance yourself properly and have good stability to just check things out.  Once your balance is secured, the idea of performing any repairs or maintenance can be a completely different challenge.  This challenge makes the roof the last place anyone wants to be resulting in a roof that is not properly maintained.

Here in South Florida, the tropical climate creates an environment where dirt, pollution, algae, and even fungus can accumulate creating permanent damage if not maintained properly.   This is why I think it is so important to make a regular maintenance schedule to have my roof cleaned by a professional.

When it comes to power washing a roof, the only professional I turn to is the team at All About Pressure Cleaning. They are not only equipped and trained on getting up on the roof and cleaning it, they are able to recognize what type of stain is what and use the right tools and chemicals to get the stains removed.

Most people think that if they see a stain, that a simple cleaning or pressure washing will remove it.   This is not always the case.  Each stain requires a specific method for removing it.  This is especially true with algae or fungus or mold.  Sometimes removing from the surface does not remove the actual stain.  Special chemicals are needed to get to the root or spore of the stain to stop it from returning.

Don’t leave it chance and wonder what is going on up there.  There is a team at All About Pressure Cleaning standing by to answer all of your questions about how stains can permanently damage your roof. They will set up a free estimate to have your roof properly cleaned by the South Florida experts in pressure cleaning.

Carpeting Trends for the New Year

While the durability of a new tile, wood or concrete floor is a main stay in a home decor; the feel of a new carpet combined with its warmth and style will ensure that carpeting will continue to be a necessity for years to come.

With a new era of technology and innovations, the choices in carpeting can fit the most neutral designs to the boldest of colors and patterns. The use of color and pattern can be functional and transform a room into a work of art.

Thanks to modern technology practically everything made today can be purchased in a wide variety of color and pattern.  One of the most popular trends is the ability to introduce a vivid pattern or bold color into the look of the room.   

High traffic areas like hallways and stairwells are perfect places to add a pop of color or a pattern.  Incorporate these colors and patterns to a strong and durable carpet like sisal or coir and you can create a space that meets the high usage demand while providing a beautiful aesthetic.

The comfort factor in the plans of a new or renovated space or home is the top on any decorators list.   Homeowners want to experience the comfort that only a spa or a luxury can provide. The carpet industry has paid attention to this trend and has manufactured hundreds of new textures and materials to meet this demand.

Deep Plush Velvet Piles, Shag Piles, and even new Twist Piles in Wool, Silk, Linen and Cotton are leading the way.  Luxury fibers can be blended to create textures and patterns in the carpeting. A bedroom which experiences a small amount of traffic can be the perfect place for the installation of this type of carpeting.

The newest and most exciting trend is bringing artwork from the wall to the floor. The mixing fibers, colors and patterns allow carpeting to be created with images and patterns that have never been available before.  Even man made fibers can produce a carpet with the most beautiful botanical, classical or contemporary images.

Whether it is color, comfort or texture, the design team at Elite Workroom can create a look that is perfect for any space.  We will work with you and your decorator to make sure that the carpeting being installed in your home, yacht or even private jet is customized to fit any style.

The Gift of Clean

If you are like me, there is one too many people on your list that seem to have everything.  A segment of those people that seem to have everything are the ones that take a huge pride in their home and yard.

I have solved this problem by giving the gift of clean!  With my Dad being the number one person on my list who has everything, I knew the gift of a Professional Pressure Cleaning Service of his beloved Patio and pool surface would not only be a welcomed gift, it would be a gift that he never expected.

The pathway to my perfect gift was one call to the folks at All About Pressure Cleaning.  Lets face it, no matter how much effort I put into cleaning with my little power washer from the Home Depot, the results that are achieved by a professional company are far more superior than what I can do on my own.  I am also able to eliminate the hard labor I would have experienced in the hot Florida sun pressure cleaning on my own.

All About Pressure Cleaning uses the most advanced commercial quality power washers on the market. The Commercial power washers they use have feeds for both hot and cold water.  The Hot Water is able to cut through the dirt with ease.  In addition, their machines have a chemical dispensing system that evenly distributes the powerful commercial cleaning products that eliminate the toughest of stains.

This year, Christmas came early for my Dad.  We were able to get him out of the house by sending him out with the grandkids for a day at the park. While he was out,  Rogerio and Gledson of All About Pressure Cleaning arrived to tackle the patio, pool surface, the walkways and the driveway.  (Something that would have taken me a week to do on my own!)  When Dad arrived, it was like he received tickets to the Super Bowl.  I had not seen a smile on his face like that in years.

He went on and on how clean everything looked and how the surfaces have not looked as good since the day they were installed.  That same afternoon Dad decided to give himself the gift of clean and made another appointment to have the roofs cleaned.   When people are visiting for the holidays and we are enjoying the festivities I know that my Dad will be gleaming with pride on how clean and polished everything looks.

See for yourself how amazing the Gift of Clean can be.  The team at All About Pressure Cleaning is standing by to answer all of your power washing questions and to set up your no cost and no obligation estimate for all of your power washing needs.


Nancy Matthias
Job completed on: 12/11/15
“Our pavers were cleaned and resealed and they did a fantastic job. They look like they are brand new again. All employees were friendly and on time. Ours is not the first job done by All about Pressure Cleaning in our community and it will not be the last!”

Travertine Cleaning and Sealing Process

Travertine tile is a very popular option for many interior and exterior finishes currently.  The tile truly is a beautiful addition to any home, but it must be properly cared for. If it isn’t, it will look dingy and worn and the true finish of the product will not stand out. Before you decide if this is the best option for you, it is important to understand the maintenance and other tips to keep the tile looking brand new, all the time!


Whether it is installed indoors or outdoors makes a big difference. Naturally, surfaces that are installed outside will have more wear and tear. In order to keep the travertine tile looking like new, it is important to apply a sealant immediately. Some tiles may not require this if they are pre-sealed, but most will. You can tell so whether or not the tile absorbs water. If it does, then you need to seal it. There are different types of sealants you can use, so we highly recommend seeking out a specialist to help you make those decisions. All About Pressure Cleaning offers premium quality sealers with the longest lasting UV protection, which is very important in the hot South Florida weather. Some of the finishes you can choose from are the wet look, semi-gloss or matte finish. This is all based on personal preference. All sealers are also no sheen and no slip. Our team of professionals will ensure that the tile is perfectly clean before applying any sealant.


After a sealant is applied, it is important to maintain the new, clean look for the tile. You can do this by pressure cleaning and removing stains on a regular basis. Additionally, if you have any major issues, All About Pressure Cleaning also repairs and refinishes pavers and tiles. Call today to get your free estimate and on the travertine cleaning and sealing process and ensure that your tile is always looking spectacular!